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MCBVI Radio Contact Page

To contact us or if you wish to be a presenter on MCBVI Radio email

During live shows, broadcasters will provide you with their contact information

If you want to stay in touch and receive up to the minute updates on what's going on on MCBVI Radio we invite you to join one or both of the following email lists:

If you want a low traffic list you may want to sign up to our announce list. Here you'll receive a daily schedule of events, plus specific show announcements by our presenters. Of course anyone can sign up for the announce list but it is restricted so that you will only see messages from presenters and authorized staff. To join send a blank email to The announce list at

If you want to talk with and interact with the MCBVI Radio family you may wish to join our radio list. This list is open to everyone and everyone can post. You can talk about programming, and join in the discussion of all things MCBVI Radio, and much more. To join send a blank email to

In addition, please like/follow us on Facebook to access MCBVI Radio's latest information.

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