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George Mason

Coming out of retirement for his two hours a week on MCBVI Radio, George's most recent time behind any microphone was in 2016, retiring after years as Classical music host.

This followed local radio and television work beginning in Michigan in 1962. Thad Zaremba, of MCBVI Radio, heard him on radio station WILS, in Lansing; and, coincidentally, they met in 1965 in a Wayne State University class in Detroit, when Thad, now the president of Hair Club for Men, recognized his voice.

There was time in the subsequent decades for George to squeeze out an inexcusable variety of radio and television gigs in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Fresno. Plus, four years in the Army, including 1967 in Vietnam. It was in a non-combat role, so he never had to shoot people in their own country.

George lives with his ICU and Wound Care RN wife, Toom, who is on staff at a VA hospital. They met in 1997 when she was a waitress at a Thai restaurant.

Do not ask George about his being a newsman on the Cincinnati mid-1970s morning show of George Clooney’s father, Nick, or he will go on and on about it.

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