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Big Bob

Hi, my name is Bob Redys, a.k.a. Big Bob, Host of The Memory Lane Show. I was born and raised in a city called Hamtramck which is located within the City of Detroit, (Motown) Michigan. I have been a life-long resident of the State of Michigan.

In my early years, automobile repair was my main trade. This opened a few doors, one of which was working for The American Red Cross. Throughout my tenure with the company, I applied myself and became The Department of Transportation Coordinator for the Southeastern Michigan American Red Cross. I retired at that position after completing 32 years of employment.

Currently, I own a business called EZHelp Computers LLC and participate actively with 2 other subsidiaries; EZ Stream and Hosting and The Memory Lane Show.

The Memory Lane Show started back in 2007 when I enjoyed just playing a little music over the Internet for a couple friends. One thing had led to another and today's show is heard all over the world via 60+ affiliates. Today, the show is comprised by a variety of segments like; One Hit Wonder; Rate The Record; This Date in Rock and Roll History and Cover Comparisons just to name a few. Each weekly show offers a different theme and many of the show's ideas are sent in by the listeners.

With that said, I hope you can join me every Saturday at 9:00 am ET for the live show right here at MCBVI Radio as I play the "Tunes That Will Never Die!"

You may contact me at

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